How to Maximize Your Budget: Radiants for $17K

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! Shopping for your dream ring and working with a budget? This week's How To Maximize Your Budget episode is all about radiants in the $17k price range*. Which option would you choose for your $17k budget?


 *Disclaimer: Diamond prices mentioned are based on date posted and are subject to change.

Watch the full video below:



Here are three radiant cut options, all $17K. Let's see which one fits your style!


The first option is a 2.01 carat F color SI1 radiant diamond - it is right at the 2 carat weight, and maximizes for color, which is very white and bright. We are compromising on clarity - radiants are able to camouflage inclusions pretty well, so a good quality SI1 will not have any inclusions visible to the naked eye. 


Option two is a 2.06 carat H color SI2 - this is an option that neither compromises nor maximizes for one characteristic. It is still above 2 carats, is on the higher end of the near colorless range, and is slightly included. It's the perfect middle ground within this budget!


The last option is a 2.49 carat J color VS2 diamond. This diamond maximizes for size and clarity and compromises on color. The J color is still within our recommended quality range, but is at the lower end of the near colorless range. So while there is a bit of warmth to the diamond, it should still face up white. 

Which option would you choose? Let us know what diamond shape you want to see next! 


*Disclaimer: Diamond prices mentioned are based on date posted and are subject to change.


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