How to Pick the Perfect Men's Wedding Band

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Here comes the groom! Equally as important but sometimes overlooked, we have to adorn our amazing grooms with their wedding bands on the big day! If you're a bit confused as to where to begin choosing your ring, this is your guide to finding the perfect men's wedding band!




Ideal  Color

The first element to a wedding band you should consider is what color metal you want to wear everyday. For reference, take a look at what best compliments your skin tone or what color coordinates with your existing jewelry or watches.


You can choose from 14k to 18k white and yellow gold or platinum. Keep in mind, platinum and white gold are two distinct white metals. White gold will wear and yellow over time, whereas platinum stays a true white forever! 


When choosing between yellow gold, remember that 14k yellow gold is tougher and more muted in color and 18k is more yellow and softer. Gold's softness is a factor to consider in regards to how cautious you are when wearing your band as softer gold is more prone to damage. 



Ideal Style

To better narrow down your preferences, we have a few of our favorite men's bands that are no-fail and classic options to choose from.


Comfort Fit Band


For starters, we love our Comfort Fit Band. It's a simple classic that you can always wear and stays low maintenance. 



Comfort Fit Flat Band


We also recommend our Comfort Fit Flat Band. This band, similar to the previous, is great for daily wear and has a flat edge with sharper lines.




Comfort Fit Milgrain Band


The Comfort Fit Milgrain Band is a step above the other two with a faint engraved design around the edge of the band, the perfect detail he can appreciate!




Bevel Band


A final suggestion we offer is our Bevel Band, it has a sleek finish and sits comfortably along the finger. 




Ideal Width

The band's width is a key feature when it comes to fit and appearance. Take proportions into account. Consider your hand and finger size in comparison to the band. Try to balance the size and slenderness of your hand with the shape of the band. You want the band to look like it was made for you!


If you have a band with edge detailing, like the Milgrain Band or Bevel Band, go for a larger width so the ring looks larger. This helps lessen the illusion of a smaller band. 



Go Beyond Basic!

We have an exciting drop this spring which includes new men's wedding band styles!



 Herringbone Band


We love our new Herringbone Band, showcasing a delicate herringbone pattern etched into either 14k, 18k yellow or white gold, also including beloved platinum! 



Knife Edge Band 


Our Knife Edge Band is a sleek design with the right amount of masculine edge to balance its simplicity. Choose from a 3mm to 6mm width. 



Baguette Row Band


No one can resist a bit of bling so take a look at our Baguette Row Band! With wrap-around baguette diamonds set in the center of the band, this ring has just the right diamond touch.



With all of these designs to choose from, use this guide to narrow down your approach to wedding bands for your groom. For whoever is shopping, make sure that your ring is as cherished as the one your partner has! Wedding bands for the groom are a great signifier of the relationship, you deserve to celebrate that with a ring you both love!


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