New Holiday 2021 Collection

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! We're sharing some of our favs from our new Holiday 2021 Collection! What's your must-have piece? 🎁✨


Watch the full video below:

Creating new pieces and collection is such an exciting process here at The Clear Cut! We love hearing your feedback and incorporating them into our pieces that are ultimately made for you


As we're heading into the holiday season, I want to share some pieces that I'm particularly so excited about our Holiday 2021 Collection!


First up is our Stevie Ring, a super cool bombay-style ring with an east-west set marquise diamond. I've been into the chunky gold ring look, so this is a ring I would immediately add to my ring stack. 


A piece that has been in the works for a while now is our Wanderlust Necklace, which is so cute with little floating diamonds. This necklace is perfect as a statement necklace and for layering, which will pull any outfit together instantly. 


I think you guys will be obsessed with our new Petite Pave Diamond Hoops, which we have in two sizes - small and medium. These hoops are a great value and add some sparkle to your ears. 


I've been loving all of our new diamond eternity wedding bands, but especially our Fancy Shape Diamond Band, which has many different diamond shapes. It really catches the eye with a bold diamond look. 


One of our best-selling pieces before was our Chelsea Chain, and we decided to give it a new version and style! Our Emerald Cut Chelsea Chain now has an emerald cut diamond instead of a round brilliant diamond to give it an extra edge.   


We also decided to give our paperclip collection a little bit of pave frosting with pave-crusted links alternating with the original gold links. Check out our Pave Paperclip Earrings and Pave Paperclip Bracelet


For those of you who have diamond studs already and want to dress them up this holiday season, we have our Diamond Halo Jacket, which creates a pave halo around the stud that really dresses up classic studs!


I can't wait for you guys to explore the rest of our collection and are excited to wear these pieces as much as I am!

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