How to Pick Side Stones For Your Ring


Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! This week, I'm showing you my favorite side stones pairings for each cut! Which combination is your favorite? ūüíć


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How do you find the perfect side stones for your engagement ring? 


If you're looking for a 3 stone engagement ring, you first have to pick out the perfect center stone! Then, in order to find the complementary side stones, they have to match in proportion and quality. 


When the quality of the side stones don't match the center stone, the center stone can look more yellow or more white, depending on the color difference. Every component of the ring should seamlessly blend in with each other. Therefore, the color of the side stones is the most important thing to match! 


The next factor to consider is proportion of the side stones to the center stone. Do you want stone rings to be larger and similar size to the center stone, or do you want them to be smaller accents to the center stone? Depending on the overall look you're going for, you will be able to choose the size that is perfect for you! 


Another thing you want to match is the faceting pattern of the side stones. This rule usually works for most except for tapered baguettes. Tapered baguettes work well with any cut (as you'll see), from brilliant to step cut. For instance, if you have an emerald cut center stone, which as step cut facets, you want side stones that also have step cut facets. Having brilliant cut facets will contradict the step cut center stone and will look strange together.


So for an emerald cut, my favorite side stones to pair it with would be the classic tapered baguettes for a really timeless look. They also would normally be more accent sized. For a more substantial look with bigger side stones, I love step cut trapezoids and step cut epaulettes for a funkier look. For a more vintage look, straight baguettes are a great option. 


For a round brilliant, my favorite side stones would be tapered baguettes for that classic three-stone look. Lately, I love setting a round brilliant with half moons! For a more feminine vibe, pear shape side stones are a great option. 


For an oval, my personal favorite side stones are half moons and tapered baguettes. 


For a radiant and cushion cut, you want to go with brilliant cut trapezoids or tapered baguettes. Half moons are ideal for a more rounded look, and brilliant cut epaulettes add a nice geometric look.


Those are my tips for picking the perfect side stones to complement your center stone, and my personal favorite pairings for different diamond shapes! 


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