The Do's and Don'ts of Buying an Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring can be an overwhelming process. Not only does it mark a new chapter in your life, but also tends to be a big investment. There will be people pulling you in different directions and giving you all sorts of advice, making this once happy experience a very stressful one. But have no fear! I’ve broken down the basic Do’s and Don’ts of buying an engagement ring to make your life easier and less stressful. So sit back, relax, and just follow these simple rules:

DO-  Work with a trusted source

Just like people, no two diamonds are the same.  Even if two diamonds have the same grade from GIA, there is a chance they look very different. Since diamonds are formed naturally below the Earth’s surface they all have their own unique characteristics and inclusions.  When selecting diamonds people will not immediately know what they should be looking for. The options are endless and overwhelming. That is why you should have a trusted advisor guiding you through this process and ultimately providing you with a curated selection of high-quality stones.

DON’T- Buy based off the certificate alone

Buying a diamond from the certificate alone can be very dangerous. As important as it is to buy a diamond with a GIA certificate, the certificate is just a supplement to the diamond to assure that you are getting exactly what you paid for. As I’ve talked about before, every diamond is unique  and within GIA grading there is a spectrum. One person can have a diamond with an SI2 quality that is completely “eye-clean,” meaning that there are no visible inclusions to the naked eye. Another person might have the same quality stone but have a large “eye-visible” inclusion, meaning the natural imperfections can be seen with the naked eye. Protect your investment, see the diamond in person, and don’t buy off a certificate alone.

DO-Have a firm budget and stick to it

Pick a number and stick to it. There are no real rules that dictate  how much someone has to spend on an engagement ring anymore, so find a price that you are comfortable with and draw the line. You will have to take into consideration the price of the diamond plus the price of the ring. Depending on how elaborate you want the ring to be, set aside a couple thousand dollars for it.

DON’T- Look at diamonds outside of your budget

The worst thing you can do is look at diamonds that are way above your budget. Be realistic on what your budget can get you and do not look beyond it. Looking at diamonds above your budget will just make you disappointed. If you only look at diamonds within your price range you will end up much happier with your experience and your purchase.

DO-Have an idea of what style she wants

If you’re thinking of getting engaged, chances are she’s dropped a few hints of what kind of ring she wants. PAY ATTENTION, TAKE NOTES. She’s not dropping these hints for her health. If you didn’t catch on to these hints right away, take a look at her Pinterest board and definitely consult her close friends and family. Keep in mind, while her friends and family might have great input, at the end of the day what she wants is what really matters. Nailing down the style of ring she likes will greatly help narrow down your search.

DON’T- Ruin the surprise

Try to avoid actually purchasing the ring with her. Some people don’t mind doing this, but it really takes away from the grandest romantic gesture of your lifetime. The shock and true happiness of a surprise engagement can’t be replaced. So even if she is super hands-on, try to gather all your info before you buy the ring to keep the element of surprise.

Getting engaged is a BIG deal and should be one of the happiest experiences of your life, so don’t get too overwhelmed or stressed out. Just follow these important Do’s and Don’ts and buying a ring will be a piece of cake.

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