Twists on Classic Solitaires

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom, where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! Today we are talking about our twists on classic solitaire engagement rings that can make your ring truly unique. 




We all want to shine in our own ways and we want that to show up in our engagement rings as well. With so many design options for e-rings, solitaires are always a great and timeless choice. We have a few twists on our favorite solitaire diamonds. Solitaire means only one single diamond sits on a band, no other side accent stones! This allows your diamond to take the spotlight and these rings are special in their own way!


Starting off, we have our Ahead of the Curve ring. Any rounded stone can sit on the band, like oval, pear, antique cuts and modern brilliants and together this creates a flowing silhouette. It’s a more subtly unique structure than a standard straight band. The diamond is set flush on the band so it looks effortless and still really chic, showing off the diamond’s shape. 

Ahead of TheCurve Engagement Ring



Another solitaire, we have our Points of Interest ring. This one is a delicate solitaire band featuring a select few of diamonds spaced out between each other. There are fewer, special diamonds that catch the perfect sparkle!


The Wrap Me Up ring has such a whimsical look, the ring is opened up and wrapped around the finger, making it look so naturally set on your finger. This ring is made for the perfect fit!


Wrap Me Up Solitaire Ring

Wrap Me Up Emerald Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring


For a very modern and sleek aesthetic, our Offset super skinny ring is perfect for that kind of bride. The diamond is set off the band, it looks like its floating and creates an eye-catching silhouette.


One of our favorite trends that has gotten so popular and is so loved is the bezel set diamond. A bezel set solitaire is so special, the diamond is literally framed to be the focal point in your choice of metal. Half bezel set diamonds are also very unique because it is not the total commitment of a fully bezel set but it still lets the edges of the diamond still shine through to breathe! 


Bezel Set Engagement Ring

Bezel Set Engagement Ring 


Lastly, a huge trend that is emerging is a split shank that creates space for the diamond to rest. This adds dimension by hugging the diamond in between the band, super chic!


Split Shank Engagement Ring

Split Shank Engagement Ring


It is entirely possible to create a spin off from a tried and true solitaire diamond. We are always inspired by new ideas and we are here to bring your dream ring into a reality!