Clear Cut Couples: Abby and Kyle

Abby and Kyle met in college. They had the same major and they were in a ton of the same classes. Slowly, they started as friends! Naturally, they spent a lot of time together because of school and studying. Their sophomore year, things started to change. They started dating and the rest is history! Since then, they have been together for over 7 years!!

They had the most epic proposal ever. Abby’s sister’s fiancé, Peter, and Kyle have become really close over the past few years. They both found out that they were planning on proposing on the same weekend and they knew that wasn’t going to work so, they decided to do it literally at the same time (6:30 to be exact) at different venues in their own style! EPIC!!!! Maddy and Abby have the same group of friends so their entire group of family and friends were waiting at a local restaurant/bar to celebrate once they both said yes!!

Abby was SO surprised! She says it’s the most stunning ring she’s ever seen. All those Instagram pics she sent Kyle really paid off :)


As for their wedding, they’re still soaking up the post-engagement high, but they have decided to have a destination wedding next fall in Boca Grande, FL with close family and friends. Otherwise, they are going to have their wedding at home in St. Louis. Congrats Abby and Kyle!! We are SO happy and excited for you. We cannot wait for wedding pics!!

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