Clear Cut Couples: Andrew and Jessica

Andrew and Jessica met through a dating app in October 2020, which was at the peak of the pandemic! Andrew seemed too good to be true but Jessica’s best friend assured her that he was going to be just as amazing as he seemed and sure enough, he was.

Their first date was November 1st, 2020. They met at a halfway point between their towns and went for sushi. They quickly realized how much they enjoyed each other and decided to go to a movie. Since it was during the pandemic there weren’t many movies showing and it had been so long since either of them had been to a movie theater. They were the only ones there!

Andrew is from a small town in Mississippi and grew up on a farm and Jessica is from a big city in Alabama so it has been an interesting but fun time learning their different ways. One of the most memorable moments in their relationship is when they got snowed in at Andrews family’s farm and they couldn’t go anywhere for a few days. They made the most of it and got to spend lots of quality family time together.

Andrew proposed on December 30, 2022 in Birmingham, AL at The Vulcan. It was absolutely gorgeous and it overlooked the city.

Jessica knew the proposal was coming, but the location was a complete surprise. It was also a huge surprise that Jessica’s parents and best friend had traveled to see the proposal. Andrew had also hired a photographer who was sitting on a bench disguised as a tourist. Jessica and Andrew worked together with Olivia to design the perfect ring so that part Jessica had an idea about. Seeing it in person was completely different though because it was finally here and it was theirs!

They are getting married on December 2nd, 2023 at Camp McDowell where Jessica grew up going to summer camp. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!

Photographer- @megankennedyphoto