Clear Cut Couples: Bobby and Nicole

Bobby and Nicole met in their junior year in college at Bentley University through mutual friends. They were only friends until after graduation, but Nicole had a feeling Bobby had a crush on her. After Nicole invited Bobby and two other friends for a weekend trip to New York City, the two of them shared their first kiss and the rest is history!

For their first date, they went to The Cheesecake Factory! Bobby asked the waiter what he recommended for us to order, and he suggested the nachos. The nachos weren't the best, but both of them were too polite to say anything! After dinner, they went to see the movie Secret Life of Pets and finally discussed the nachos and ordered popcorn instead, which Nicole quickly learned is one of Bobby's favorite things. Since then, they've been together for five years!

They're adventure buddies and have traveled to India, Punta Cana, Santa Barbara, and Savannah, making incredible memories on the way. Nicole loves to beat Bobby in Wheel of Fortune, but Bobby really brings his A game for Jeopardy. One of their favorite things is having sushi nights on their balcony.

Bobby proposed on their 5 year anniversary on August 10th! They had dinner and Bobby suggested they go for a walk on the beach after. There were many people around, so Bobby thought it would be better to propose at home, since he wanted the moment to be between just the two of them. They kept walking along the beach and eventually there was a stretch where nobody was around!

She had a feeling something was coming - the night before, Bobby had asked Nicole's father for his blessing at dinner when Nicole went to the restroom. She noticed her dad was acting a bit different and on top of that, Bobby seemed nervous all day! Nicole was speechless but managed to say yes! Although she hinted to Bobby she would like a radiant cut, the ring he designed blew her away - he really knows her so well. They will be getting married in Danvers, MA in November 2022! They can't wait for their wedding with all of their friends and family.


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