Clear Cut Couples: Brittany and Steve

Steve and Brittany met on Long Beach Island, NJ when they were both working at the waterpark on the island as lifeguards! Steve was a few years older than her at the time (she was 14 and he was 17) so they didn't immediately start hanging out. Then one night at a party a few years later, they ended up in the same room and they never left each other's side again!

Their first time hanging out alone was on the beach - they grabbed a blanket and they just laid there and talked for hours. Their first "real" date was at Six Flags! They both love a thrill (and rollercoasters) so they bounced around Six Flags for an entire day, which was a blast. To be young again! Since then, they have been together for over 7 years!

Brittany said, “Steve was my summer love that turned into the love of my entire life, which is the most special thing of all.” Over the years, they have loved (and still do!) eating cheesesteaks, taking midday ocean swims in between work shifts and arguing about the Eagles vs. the Giants (she’s from Connecticut, he is from the suburbs of Philly). When Brittany was heading into her freshman year of college at Fordham and Steve was going into his senior year at Virginia Tech, people thought they were a little crazy for jumping into a long distance relationship but they didn't care! They always knew they could make it work - and they did! They spent the next year traveling to see each other and taking fun trips to cities on the East Coast. Now, they live together in Hoboken and they’re getting a french bulldog puppy. They are SO excited for this next chapter of their lives!

They have been quarantined on Long Beach Island since March so they’ve been there for a few months now. When restaurants started to open back up, Steve asked to take her out to The Gables - a beautiful restaurant on the island - on a Friday, June 26th. They love going out so she was thrilled about their first real date in months. She got all dressed up - in a white dress, actually!!  After dinner, they drove back to Steve's house and walked up to the beach since it was still light out and it was a gorgeous night. They walked down to the water, Steve spun her around and he pulled out the ring and proposed right in front of the ocean waves! Brittany said, “I always knew we'd get married, but the moment it happened was so surreal. I can't even explain the butterflies I had and the feeling in my chest. To be honest, I was basically screaming when I saw the ring. It was everything I had dreamt of and having Steve propose with it made the moment so special.”

When Steve proposed, he had a photographer hiding out so the entire proposal was captured on camera which was so special! It was particularly funny because at dinner Brittany ordered coffee at the end of dessert, which unbeknownst to her, threw Steve into a bit of a panic since he had the photographer waiting on the beach. After the proposal, he admitted "I barely heard a word you said at dinner, I was so nervous the whole time!" but he pulled it off immaculately. 

Then after the proposal, they took some beautiful pictures and walked back to his house where he had champagne waiting for them over ice on his rooftop. They called their friends and family while watching the sunset from his roof, which was the perfect way to celebrate! Brittany said, “We loved having that private moment between the two of us. We always watch the sunset together on the roof after a day on the beach so it was the perfect place to celebrate. We stayed up late into the night talking, laughing, listening to classic rock, having champagne and talking to family and friends!”

They are getting married on Long Beach Island! It’s their special place - where they met, where they fell in love, where Steve proposed, so it only makes sense. They have their date set for September 2021! Congrats you two!