Clear Cut Couples: Brittney and Steve

Brittney and Steve met when they were 15. He was actually dating her best friend at the time. And once they broke up… Brittney broke the girl code, asked if they could date! Their official first date was at Dairy Queen!! Thank god Brittney’s friend said it was okay for them to date, because now they’re getting married!!!

It wasn’t exactly love at first sight… at least for Brittney. Sure there were sparks flying on the volleyball court at gym class but they only dated for a few months then lived their separate lives. They actually both went to the University of Massachusetts Amherst after high school, but never saw each other… and then for many years, Brittney lived in another part of the country and just happened to come home one weekend to see some friends, and Steve was at the party. That moment changed everything! They have been together for over 5 years now! And they have shared so many incredible memories over the years.

Brittney loved it when Steve came to visit her in Charleston, SC. It’s where she was living at the time that they started dating and she told him that she would not do a long distance relationship. But that trip was a make or break moment for them. He told her, he knew if he didn’t fly down to Charleston, he would never forgive himself for letting her go again. And he was right. AWW!

Another special moment was when they took a helicopter ride for their birthdays which are 5 days apart! They always like to take a trip or do something that they both will enjoy. That was their first birthday trip together, so he set the bar VERY HIGH. And one of the most recent special moments was when they took the trip to NYC to meet with Olivia from The Clear Cut… on the way to get their puppy! They were traveling to Delaware to get their Great Dane, and yes… he is HUGE. They love him so much!

Steve proposed on June 26, 21. He led her out onto a beautiful spot overlooking the water in Essex, MA and got down on one knee.

Then they went to a restaurant where they were greeted by all of their friends and family, it was perfect. While they had their special, private moment, it was so important to her that their friends and family could be there to share the moment with them!

It was a semi surprise for Brittney! She had helped pick out the ring and had an inkling that it might happen when they were on the way to the proposal spot! She said, “Then we arrived and I saw my friends, my family and a photographer ready to go… it was incredible. I was so impressed and just in awe. As for the ring, it’s everything I wanted… I still can’t believe how perfect it is.”

They are having a New Year’s Eve wedding! They are SO EXCITED! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!

Photos by @amandagilphoto


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