Clear Cut Couples: Caroline and Nathan

Caroline and Nathan met at their local college bar in 2015. Caroline saw him from across the bar and told her best friend that she needed to know who he was. Luckily, her friend knew him and introduced them. Caroline was drawn to him instantly - they spent the night laughing, talking about their families and dancing with their friends. Eventually, "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond came on and if you ask Nathan, he will tell you it was over right then and there. The next day Caroline told all of her best friends that she had met her soulmate - they were attached at the hip ever since!

Their first official date was a day trip to New Smyrna Beach, FL. They both grew up on the beach in FL and share a love for the water. Along with this, New Smyrna held so many childhood/great memories for the two of them. Nathan knew this and surprised Caroline by taking her there for the day. They spent the day eating oysters, listening to live music and watching the sunset. Nathan asked Caroline to be his girlfriend on the beach during sunset - similar to how he ended up proposing! AWW! Since then, they have been together for over 5 years! If you ask their friends, they will laugh and say that they have been together since the day they met (which is true)!

They have been blessed with the opportunity to travel across the country and the world together. From Nantucket, to Boston enjoying Quincy Market, or Ice Skating at the Standard in New York. Hoping across the pond to Cambridge, or riding double decker buses in London. Exploring Berlin and Nuremberg, Germany to dancing their way through Oktoberfest in Munch, or backpacking through Prague. The best memory of all was spending a few weeks in Caroline's family's tiny hometown in Northern Italy - getting to experience the true Italian culture. And of course, adding their fur child Oliver into their family!

One weekend, they were visiting Nathan’s parents in Navarre, FL. The Santa Rosa Sound sits right behind their house. This spot has held special memories for Nathan his entire life - his brother got engaged there, all his family photos were taken there and his (13) nieces and nephews are often found playing there. For the past five years, they have been going down to the water to watch the sunset - it is one of their favorite places in the world. While they were visiting his family, Nathan told Caroline he wanted to have a "Palm Beach" style Happy Hour - Caroline is from Palm Beach, FL and has been missing her family/hometown a ton. They got dressed up and Nathan brought a special bottle of wine from Tuscany they have been saving for a special moment. While the sun began to set, Nathan had his camera set-up on a tripod and told Caroline to go test the lighting in the frame. He said he was going to set the self-timer and take some photos of the two of them. Caroline says, “That is when he got down on one knee and made me the happiest human alive. After he popped the question, his family came down to the beach to celebrate with us. His nieces and nephews each brought me a rose and flower pedals. The best part is we got the entire thing on video!”

Caroline was absolutely surprised, especially because the trip was planned so last minute (or so she thought)! Nathan did a great job of throwing her off! She said, “As soon as I put the ring on and Nathan told me it was from The Clear Cut I literally screamed out loud. I have been sending him videos from the Instagram page for years. The ring is everything I had ever envisioned and dreamed of.”

As of right now, the only wedding plan they know for sure is that they will be getting married in Florida - hopefully not too far from the beach! They're so excited to celebrate with their family and friends - they have the world's best support system. It will be one fun party! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!