Clear Cut Couples: Dan and Aubrey

Dan and Aubrey met at a party in high school when Dan was a senior and Aubrey was a sophomore. Their first date was the weekend after the party, Dan asked Aubrey to ice cream. They ended up going to Frozen Yogurt and spent so long talking that they closed the place down and were kicked out!

In June of 2014, after 6 months of nonstop talking Dan asked Aubrey in the booth of a Chili's restaurant "why aren't you my girlfriend yet?" and Aubrey responded "you haven't asked me to be?" 9 years since then they never stopped dating. They both went to separate colleges but finally got to be in the same place when they both moved to New York City. A year after that, they moved in together and a month after that they got their sweet dog Brooks.

They have shared countless incredible memories over the years. Last summer, they took their first European trip together and when they were in Paris, Dan decided he wanted to come back in the spring and propose to Aubrey there. They planned a trip, and when they landed Dan surprised Aubrey with a stay at a hotel she had always dreamed of. They got ready for dinner that night and first had a drink at the hotel bar. Dan asked Aubrey to come upstairs and grab a sweater with him before "dinner", and when she opened the door there were rose petals and candles all leading out to the balcony. On the balcony with flowers, champagne and an insane view of the Eiffel Tower, Dan proposed.

Once Aubrey realized that they were staying at this hotel, she had a feeling it might happen that day, but was very surprised when the actual proposal happened. Aubrey had been sending rings from The Clear Cut Instagram that whole year, so when Dan was on one knee and pulled out the Clear Cut box her jaw dropped. She said, “When he pulled out the ring, the ugly crying was 1000/10.” AWWW!

They are basking in the engagement glow right now, and hope to start planning soon. They are thinking they will get married in the Spring or Summer of 2024.