Clear Cut Couples: Danny and Tessa

Danny and Tessa went to high school together! They had first period history together their freshmen year. They became friends over the years and were always interested in each other but didn’t start dating until the spring of their senior year.

Their first date was at an Italian restaurant called Pucinella’s. Tessa drove them there and they both were incredibly nervous, but once they started talking it was all so easy.

Some of their favorite memories have been taking a two week cross country road trip. They stopped everywhere from Arizona to Minnesota to Chicago. It was one of the greatest bonding experiences that made them best friends. There are really too many memories to keep track of. Trips to Vienna and London. Getting to spend so much time babysitting Tessa’s wonderful nieces and nephews. It’s all been so much fun!

Danny proposed over the Fourth of July weekend at Tessa’s family’s house. Tessa’s sister and brother-in-law were supposed to be out of town for a wedding and Danny’s family was “at the beach.” Everyone that was there went out to the backyard to take a picture and then when Tessa turned around she saw her sister standing on the back porch and instantly realized what was happening. Danny then told her how much he loved her and proposed!

It was definitely a surprise. Tessa always wanted to be surrounded by their families for the proposal and with her thinking her whole family wasn’t there and neither was mine, she had no idea it was coming. If you see the photos you can see how shocked she was. She loves the ring. It is exactly what she wanted after talking to The Clear Cut team!

They hope to get married at the end of next summer in Hawaii. Tessa’s family is from there so it will be incredibly meaningful to have a wedding rooted in their families’ histories. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!