Clear Cut Couples: Datrianna and Tashay

Datrianna and Tashay have known each other for most of their lives. They first met during high school in their hometown of Chicago, IL. They started dating during their sophomore year of college at Howard University in Washington, D.C and since have been together for over 8 years! You’re going to LOVE the surprises they had for each other!

Tashay proposed to Datrianna on March 17, 2018 at the Ms. Yoo restaurant on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. After weeks of long work days and endless travel, Datrianna thought the two were just headed on a monthly date night to relax and reconnect, but Tashay had other plans. They arrived for “dinner” at Ms. Yoo where they were escorted to the private space Tashay rented. Datrianna had no idea that friends and family were waiting around the corner. Once they entered the space she stopped in her tracks, stunned and confused about why everyone would be there, since it wasn’t her birthday or a special occasion. After a couple moments, she realized that they could only be there for one reason -- she was right! Tashay kneeled down and asked to marry her. The two spent the next few hours crying, laughing, and toasting to their future with the ones they love most.  

Because the engagement caught Datrianna completely off guard, it took her a few minutes to even process what was happening. She couldn’t believe that Tashay pulled off such a grand surprise, a nearly impossible task, along with having their closest friends and family present for the big day. Datrianna didn’t even recall saying “YES,” she was so excited and overwhelmed. 

Tashay wasn’t the only one with a surprise. In an effort to avoid getting the ring wrong, Datrianna also worked with Olivia for Tashay’s ring. She surprised Tashay with her ring on May 25, 2018 during a Memorial Day trip to Chicago. After a failed attempt at stalling to make sure everyone was in place before the two arrived, they headed to their AirBnB. Tashay thought they were just visiting friends back home for a 3 day weekend, but when they arrived to the AirBnB, friends were there and surprised her. Datrianna wanted to make sure Tashay got to have a moment as special as her’s, so her friends decorated the AirBnB with balloons and banners and made sure they had all of her favorite Chicago foods and snacks. They spent the weekend celebrating their engagement with friends and family who weren’t present for the first proposal with a fun surprise brunch and a friends and family BBQ, two of their favorite things to do!

Tashay says she had a hunch it could happen that weekend but didn’t think it would happen that night, so she was semi-surprised. There was a 5 minute window where Tashay seemed like she was in the twilight zone. She didn’t even realize that the AirBnB they were at wasn’t the one she thought was booked! 

As for the rings, they’re both obsessed. Datrianna has officially become “that girl,” who poses with her ring clearly visible in all of her Instagram videos. And although Tashay doesn’t like to admit it, she’s definitely also in love with her ring, too. 


They plan to marry in October, 2019 in Arizona -- we can't wait to hear about it!