Clear Cut Couples: Erin and Chris

Erin and Chris met at a party in 2008 as undergrads at the University of Michigan. It was January and Erin was about to leave for a semester abroad in Spain. They immediately hit it off, and kept in touch the entire time Erin was overseas. When it was time for her to come back to the states, she changed her flight home to visit Chris in Chicago, his hometown, and never left.  According to Erin, their first date was technically at a Taco Bell drive through after he picked her up from the airport.

After seven years together in Chicago, Chris was accepted into Columbia Business School and decided to pick up and move to New York City. Erin didn’t hesitate, she got a job in New York and moved with Chris.

When Chris’ first year of Business school came to a close, he decided it was time to pop the question. He came to me with a bunch of ring photographs he had stolen off of Erin’s Pinterest. They all had a common theme: cushion cut diamond on a thin pave band. Chris picked an incredibly gorgeous cushion cut diamond and we set it in a delicate platinum and diamond pave ring.

Every year Chris and Erin fill out NCAA brackets and the loser has to plan a day of activities for the winner. This year (as with most years) Chris lost. He had the perfect excuse to plan a romantic day full of activities without leading Erin to be suspicious. They spent a beautiful Saturday in New York on a lobster cruise, rowing boats in Central Park, and checking out the MET. As they were walking through the park from the museum to dinner, Chris got on one knee and asked Erin to marry him! Erin says she blacked out and was completely shocked. Of course she said yes!

After the proposal he took her to a romantic candlelit dinner at Le Colonial. He picked the restaurant because there is also a location in Chicago, so if they decided to move back they could always go to the same restaurant to celebrate their anniversary.

Chris and Erin plan on marrying next fall in Chicago.