Clear Cut Couples: Haley and Walker

Haley and Walker were both born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee and actually met in 8th grade when they were 14 years old! Like any other 14 year olds, they met through friends going to dances and movies. Haley had braces on when Walker first asked her out.

Their first date was to the movies watching Fast and Furious 5. Afterwards, they met up with some friends to eat at one of their favorite restaurants in Memphis, Houston’s. After they started dating in 8th grade, they had several instances of individual growth, but always found their way back to each other. In total, they are approaching 10 years together!!

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years. Haley said, “I think it’s very special and rare to grow with someone as long as Walker and I have since we were children. We have seen each other’s successes and downfalls and grown together ultimately. We were there for each other through high school graduation, college graduation, and everything in between. Walker played baseball for Vanderbilt and his senior year they won the College World Series. It was so special to have seen him go from winning state championship in high school to the highest achievement in college baseball. It was such a special memory that I will never forget.” Together, they also took a trip to NYC to celebrate when she graduated college and it was such a special trip! They got to spend time with each other in the city that she loves. 

Haley’s family has a vacation home in the Vail Colorado area and she has grown up going there and very much considers it an extension of home. Walker came with her family this year to celebrate Christmas. Haley’s parents told them that they were going to have dinner at The Club at Cordillera, and upon their drive up to the summit, they stopped at Bearcat Stables for a surprise. As she had done growing up, they went on a sleigh ride before dinner. Haley said, “It was the first time it had snowed since we had been here. It snowed so hard for the entire 30 minutes on our ride together. It felt like we were in our little snow globe! Once our ride was over, we got off the sleigh and he got down on one knee and proposed. It felt like a scene straight out of a movie. Such a dream!”

After almost 10 years together, Haley thought a proposal would come at some point soon, but had no idea how or when he would do it. “The ring is absolutely breathtaking and I couldn’t have dreamt of a more perfect one if I tried. The simplicity, yet elegance of the ring fits me perfectly and I am shocked every time I look down and see it on my finger!”

They plan to enjoy the rest of 2020 engaged together with their families and begin wedding planning in the new year. They hope to get married next fall or winter. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!