Clear Cut Couples: Hannah and Matt

Hannah and Matt met when they were just teenagers at a party. They had an instant connection and have been head over heels in love ever since. Hannah was my amazing college roommate at NYU. Everyone always loved her bubbly personality and feisty spirit. She and Matt were a perfect fit, and you could always see how in love they were.

Over the past 7 years, Hannah and Matt have had more challenges than your average couple. They have constantly been tested, but instead of growing apart, they matured and grew together.

After graduating from NYU, Hannah went on to have a successful career on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. At the same time, Matt graduated from West Point, went to Ranger school in Georgia, and was eventually deployed to Afghanistan for 9 months.

Upon Matt’s return, he joined the Ranger Regiment, one of the Army's special operations units, in Savannah, GA. Hannah then took a leap of faith and love, quit her job in D.C. and moved to Savannah to finally be with Matt. Around this time, Matt reached out to me to help create Hannah’s dream ring.

I was so excited when I got his call, because I knew how much they had been through and how long they had waited for this moment.

Matt knew from the get-go that Hannah wanted a cushion cut diamond. I think he described it as “that kinda square cut that’s a little round on the sides.” He had also already been scheming with Hannah’s sister, Claire, about the design of the engagement ring. Hannah had sent a photo of a ring she loved to her sister a while ago, and Claire saved it until the time came. The photo was of a cushion cut diamond with two round brilliant side stones all framed in a pave diamond halo and band. Matt and I decided to stick to the design of the photo, but make it slightly more delicate and refined. Even with Matt’s crazy army schedule, he managed to work with me every step of the way and had input on all the little details.

When the proposal finally came, Matt pulled out all the stops. He tricked Hannah into thinking that they were just going on a double date with their friends. She was completely shocked when he surprised her at a vineyard in Virginia with roses and her dream ring!  The surprises kept coming when 40 of Hannah’s closest family and friends popped up, including her father who flew back early from Scotland.

Hannah and Matt could not be more happy or excited to get married this November!  They are truly an inspirational couple and I cannot wait to celebrate with them.