Clear Cut Couples: Hannah and Petar

Hannah and Petar met through a dating app -- Hinge. They decided to get their unpopular opinions out of the way first, so Hannah mentioned her strong dislike of melted cheese, while Petar expressed his dislike of superhero movies. LOL!

Their first date was at the Vanguard wine bar on the Upper East Side, which was located between both of their apartments at the time. After a couple of glasses of wine, and not wanting the evening to end, Petar asked Hannah if she wanted to grab a bite, so they walked in the chilly November evening up to Uva, an Italian restaurant in the neighborhood. Since then, they have been together for over a year and a half!

The first few months of the relationship featured a lot of memorable dates: an afternoon at the Met followed by a dinner at a French restaurant nearby, or omakase in the West Village and a set at the Village Vanguard right after. But ultimately all of that is overshadowed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which nudged Hannah and Petar into deciding to move in together, into Hannah's ~270 sq. ft. 1-BR apartment on the UES. In spite of all of the terrible things that have happened in the world since that time, Petar and Hannah have lived together joyfully in their cozy little burrow.

Petar opted for a sentimental proposal. It was Hannah's birthday (January 18th), and the two had just taken a walk around the neighborhood. The plan was to pop the question at the end of the walk as the two got to their street corner, which was the site of their first kiss at the end of their first date. Despite its simplicity, the plan almost did not come to fruition, because one of Hannah's best friends called her in the middle of the walk to wish her a happy birthday. The next few minutes, in which Petar was worrying that the phone call would last so long that he would miss his chance to propose, were among the most stressful in his life!!

Since it was Hannah's birthday, she had an inkling that the proposal might happen then. She loved the ring, chose the center stone, and delegated the responsibility of choosing the side stones and band to Petar. She is in love with it! Hannah and Petar would like to get married in Anguilla in the Caribbean, where Hannah and her family have been going on holiday since before she was born. The hope is that COVID will be under enough control by May 2022 that their families and close friends will be able to travel internationally at that time.


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