Clear Cut Couples: Imran and Faiza

Imran and Faiza first met at summer camp in 2007 where they never really interacted much. They knew of each other and had some mutual friends, but didn't really connect until the summer of 2014. Up until that point, Faiza was single and thriving as a college senior in Vancouver. Imran was back in LA, living it up waiting for the summer that would change his life. That summer, as both of their respective friend circles frequently crossed paths through the vibrant westside scene, Faiza and Imran grew close as friends. So close that as Faiza would come home for the holidays that year, they made it a point to get together every visit and celebrate friends.

Ther first date was part spontaneity, part adventure, and a whole lot of inevitable realizations that they were meant to be way more than just friends. It was January after the holidays, and Imran couldn't help but miss seeing Faiza every day. He called her and asked what she was doing that weekend and bought a ticket up to Vancouver. Faiza said, “So I guess you could say our first date was really three dates. We ate a ton of sushi, sat on the couch and binged watched our favorite shows for three days. It was perfect!” They have been together for 6 years ever since that trip to Vancouver.

They have shared so many incredible memories together over the years! Some highlights include: 3 weeks in Southeast Asia, countless concerts and sporting events, random trips to new cities just to go out and explore, to moving in together in 2019, and most recently becoming dog parents to their amazing puppy, River.

Imran proposed on November 25th 2020 in Carmel, CA. They have always wanted to just get in the car and drive up Highway 1 and across the California Coastline. Imran knew he wanted to propose, but didn't know when and how he could pull it off on this trip. Their photographer suggested an amazing spot off of the highway where they could pull over and have a picnic atop dramatic cliffs and overlooking the ocean as the sun was setting. Imran said, “I was a nervous wreck but at the same time so excited to ask my best friend to marry me. Faiza had no idea I was going to propose. It was cold, getting windy and on top of it all, River was growing restless. They were both ready to go home. It was finally now or never for me. I took Faiza's hand and walked over a few paces. I held her hands and began telling her how much I love her and how much she meant to me. Then I'm pretty sure I blacked out because the next thing I remember is her saying ‘yes! yes! yes!’ I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me!”

It was a complete surprise for Faiza. It was exactly the ring she wanted and she hasn't stopped staring at it since!! They plan on getting married in Palm Springs as soon as it's safe to do so. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!!