Clear Cut Couples: Jessie and Brady

Jessie and Brady met the way a lot of post COVID couples meet, Hinge! Jessie had promised a friend that the next 3 guys she matched with, she would go on at least two dates with instead of only judging off of one date. Brady was the next guy she matched with. Brady, was a hopeless romantic waiting to find someone who checked off all the boxes. Jessie swiped right on Brady's finance bro headshot and after a few message exchanges, Brady asked to meet in person. Fun fact: Brady's 3 close friends met their long term significant others on Hinge all within 1 year of each other!

Their first date was May 11, 2021 at Cactus Mexican Restaurant in Downtown Kirkland, Washington. It was a sunny hot spring day in May. Jessie arrived first, texting him "Hey, I'm outside. Wearing a jean jacket and flower mask" (COVID times). Brady arrived soon after and was excited to see Jessie looked the same if not better than her pictures. During the 3+ hour date, Jessie and Brady swapped stories about their passions for their jobs, fitness, friends and family. After walking Jessie to her car, Brady called his best friend to tell him about his amazing date. Jessie thought it was a great date but was too busy to think deeper into it. Jessie fulfilled her promise, giving Brady a second date. During this date, Brady's crush built even more and Jessie was convinced there was something special. They have been together for 2.5 years.

By August, they became official boyfriend and girlfriend and have shared countless incredible memories. In November 2021, Jessie and Brady got their 8 pound Shih-Tzu, Rosie. February 2022, Brady surprised Jessie with a romantic trip to Mexico! April 2022, Brady and Jessie moved in with each other and their dog, Rosie. Brady talked Jessie into moving away from the city to the suburbs and Rosie loves having her parents under the same roof everyday. They love to host friends and family for Sunday RedZone football and dinner parties, and hosted the 2023 Thanksgiving with both families at their home.

But the biggest milestone of all was November 2023, when Brady proposed to Jessie. Brady began planning with Jessie's sisters in July, 2023. He knew her sisters would know just what Jessie would want and how to get it. Brady and the sisters worked with The Clear Cut to find the perfect ring. With the ring secured, Brady planned a romantic getaway to The Salish Lodge in Snoqualmie, Washington. Brady went with his mom the week prior to map out the perfect proposal location. The night of the proposal did not go as planned. He had planned a romantic fireside proposal in a private room - but when they walked in, there were 10 other guests drinking wine and playing Scrabble in sweatpants. This was not the romantic setting Brady had envisioned, so he scrambled and improvised with the helpful Salish Lodge staff. The staff quickly jumped into action and set up an alternative private room upstairs filled with flowers and candles. As soon as he got down on one knee, all the words he had planned to say went out the window as he was too nervous and flustered to get out a coherent sentence. The ring did all of the talking that was needed for Jessie to say yes :) After Jessie said yes, Brady had a whole celebratory engagement weekend planned.They celebrated their engagement with a surprise engagement photoshoot, a spa day, and romantic dinners.

As for if it was a surprise, Jesse said, “I thought it was a coin toss, I was hopeful since my whole family was staying with us the following week. I did not think he would propose the first night or inside when he took me to such a beautiful outdoor location. He had convinced me that he was not going to use The Clear Cut so I was very excited and surprised to see the ring box. The ring is more perfect than anything I could have chosen… the size and shape is perfect, practical and something I can wear at home and work.”

They are hoping to have their wedding on their dating anniversary May 11, 2025. They are still working on venues and all the details. They can't wait to use The Clear Cut for the wedding bands. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!

Photographer: @Janinesoltmanphotography