Clear Cut Couples: Makay & Mackenzie

Makay and Mackenzie both attended Fordham University for their undergraduate degrees! Makay was on the football team and Mackenzie was on the cheerleading team. Because of that, they ran in the same circle of friends, and met on a night out in the Fall semester of 2014!

Makay took Mackenzie to a Brazilian steakhouse in midtown Manhattan as their first date in February 2015. One night out at Fordham, Makay built up the courage to finally ask Mackenzie out. “Do you like meat?” Makay nervously asked. Mackenzie laughed and said “of course”. The date was booked for the very next Saturday! Makay knew early on Mackenzie was special. He even asked her to be his girlfriend when they were on the walk home from their second date!

They started dating in March of 2015, and have been together for 9 years! They have shared countless memories over the years and absolutely love to travel and try new restaurants together. Exploring various countries in Europe has enabled them to make memories that will last a lifetime. They can talk for hours on recommendations for Croatia and Italy travel. Makay and Mackenzie also love trying new restaurants around NYC! They recently started a food blog series on TikTok called Wine, Vibes & Good Eats where they review some of the restaurants and vineyards they try! Finally, Makay and Mackenzie simply love spending time together - wherever it is in the world or just on the couch watching TV, every minute together is a gift. They did long distance when Makay was at Northwestern for graduate school, which makes them always appreciate the time that they now share together.

Makay and Mackenzie spent most of 2020 out in California with Makay’s family due to the pandemic. Sometimes on the weekends, they would go up to Napa since most of the vineyards had social distance safe wine tasting areas. This is when Makay and Mackenzie really fell in love with Napa Valley and got to explore all that the valley had to offer. To date, they have been to over 50 vineyards together in the Napa / Sonoma region! It’s become such a special place for them over the years. Makay planned an entire weekend Napa getaway for the two of them On March 30th, Makay proposed to Mackenzie at Promontory, one of their favorite vineyards in the valley and of course Mackenzie said yes!! It was a dream come true and a day they will never forget.

Mackenzie was in complete shock when Makay proposed and was in love with the ring from first glance. It is absolutely her dream ring and the team at clear cut was fantastic to work with throughout the entire process. She never wants to take it off!! Mackenzie was even more shocked when they returned to Makay’s parents house on Sunday, March 31st to find that her three identical triplet sisters flew out to California to surprise her and Makay for a little engagement party celebration! It was truly the best weekend of their lives (so far)!

As they just got engaged on March 30th, they are still figuring out wedding details, but are so excited to marry one another and celebrate with all of their loved ones. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!