Clear Cut Couples: Matt and Michelle

Matt and Michelle met on Hinge! Their first date was at a Spanish tapas place on the Upper East Side. Matt arrived early (as usual) which worked out because the restaurant was PACKED. Instead of having Michelle try to find him, he stood up and met her at the door. Little did they know they would take a trip to Spain together a year later!

Matt and Michelle quickly realized this date was different than every other first date they had ever been on. They were shocked to learn just how much they had in common! They talked for hours while the tapas and sangria flowed. They have been together for two amazing years since!

Matt and Michelle have a lot in common! Their last names are 2 letters apart, their birthdays are 4 days apart and their fathers have the same exact birthday right down to the year! They're both avid travelers and have made two trips to Europe - one to Spain and one to Italy this past summer! Each trip has been better than the last and they hope to continue the trend!

Michelle came home from work on a Thursday to a dimly lit apartment, which was odd since Matt works from home. She saw bouquets of flowers all around their apartment and realized what was happening. Matt wrote a note "Meet me on the roof". Michelle, now in tears, ran up to their roof top where Matt was waiting for her! It was intimate and perfect!

As for if the proposal was a surprise… yes and no! Big picture, Michelle knew it was coming, but in the moment (especially on a Thursday) it was a surprise! Michelle LOVES the ring. Matt did his homework ;) and went to see quite a few jewelers in and around NYC. The Clear Cut was by far the best to work with! Matt can't say enough good things about Olivia, Alex, and the team.

They are still in the initial planning phase for their wedding but are hoping for a Summer 2024 wedding! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!

Photographer: @holtz_photography