Clear Cut Couples: Megan and Meredith

Megan and Meredith met first at a bar across from the TD Garden in Boston when the undefeated (at the time) Golden State Warriors were in town. Then, they actually talked a few months later in a basketball league!

Their first date was at a sushi restaurant- when Megan gets nervous she talks with her hands and she karate chopped one of her chopsticks across the restaurant! Despite the karate chop, they clearly had something special because they have been together for over five years since!

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years! They bought a condo, rescued the cutest pup Mookie, traveled the world together, and have two amazing families able to meet and become one!

Meredith's family decided to come to their favorite local summer boat spot at Sandy Point which is part of Plum Island Beach, so Megan decided this would be it and asked some of her closest friends to join as well. Megan had a plane fly by with a banner that asked, “Meredith, will you marry me?” When Megan saw the plane from a distance, she needed to get Meredith to come help her move the boat - she almost said “No, get your brother to help” LOL! Thankfully, they got down to the water and eventually Megan told Meredith to look up! It was the most perfect moment.

The proposal was a total surprise for Meredith… with lots of tears!! They are enjoying the engagement high for now and haven’t started planning the wedding details… but they know it will be somewhere on the ocean!

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