Clear Cut Couples: Mia and Denzel

Mia and Denzel met like a true modern day love story… on Hinge! They both grew up in the same city and never once crossed paths. They feel very thankful to have come across each other. Mia debated messaging him for weeks, but finally found the courage. He very quickly asked to call to plan their first date. 

Their first date was at Mia’s favourite restaurant, they had both unknowingly made a reservation there which was a pleasant surprise to see that they were on the same page. The night lasted for hours and they both joke how it was the easiest first date that they had ever been on. They both knew early on that this was going to be different! 

They have been together for 2 years, but it feels so much longer! They’ve had many exciting travel moments together exploring new cities. They’ve made amazing memories in New York, Denver, Toronto, Scottsdale, and Vancouver. Renovating a house together, teaching Denz how to ski and mountain bike, running together, and trying out new restaurants. Their most recent trip to Italy and Greece was an absolute dream ending with a beautiful proposal.

Denzel proposed on their recent trip to Europe! They were in Greece at the most beautiful hotel. Denzel had arranged a private dinner at a lookout point at the hotel. Everything was so beautiful, it was perfect!

Mia had a suspicion that a proposal might be on this trip, but he caught her by surprise the night that he did it. She was in complete disbelief he had gotten the ring from The Clear Cut! Mia followed the account on Instagram and absolutely loved the rings.

As for their wedding, they have nothing planned yet! It will be a long engagement as they are moving to France in the fall to start Denzel’s MBA at Insead. It will likely happen in summer 2026. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!