Clear Cut Couples: Michelle and Christian

Michelle and Christian met at a baptism. He is from Montreal and came down to NY because he was asked to be a godfather to his niece. Since then, Michelle and Christian have been together for 12 years.

Christian proposed on September 23, 2018. He did not have a plan. Michelle's only requirements were that the proposal be private, she be surprised, and incorporated into something they normally do. On that day, he decided that he would propose while they were walking their dogs. That didn't happen because when they stepped outside, it started to drizzle. He ran back into the house to hide the ring quickly and walk the dogs. After the walk and breakfast, Michelle said to him, "Can I tell you something?" He said of course. She then proceeded to tell him that she saw a box!! His eyes darted immediately to the box, which he placed under the dog wipes on the coffee table. Clearly, that wasn't the best hiding spot, since it was obviously the first thing she would go for to clean the dogs' paws. He was silent for a couple of minutes, and she then asked him if he was going to do it already. So, he retrieved the box off the table, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry him. Though it seems the proposal wasn't perfect, Michelle couldn't have been happier. She tells people that it was a very like him and her situation. She thought it was a perfect proposal!!

All in all, she was surprised! She had been asking for the past year about a ring and getting married, but he would always respond with "soon." But, she was surprised because she found the ring and absolutely loved it!

Their wedding date is May 29, 2021. They want a small church ceremony and a simple dinner afterwards. They prefer celebrating during their honeymoon, where they would invite friends and family to the first 2 weeks of the 3! Congrats Michelle and Christian! We are SO happy for you!

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