Clear Cut Couples: Nic and Cierra

I always love hearing the stories of how our Clear Cut Couples met and Nic and Cierra are no exception! They met their sophomore year of college in 2011 at Kent State University when Cierra moved into her off-campus apartment. Nic was the cute boy next door who at the time was unfortunately in a relationship. While they would occasionally run into each other, Cierra says that she wasn’t interested in her “wild next door neighbor.” By the spring semester, the two of them were both single and Nic’s wrestling career had come to an end so I started to see him around the house more often, grilling out and having bonfires. Having invited Cierra to a few of their bonfires, the two began talking more frequently and finally asked her out on a date to her favorite hometown restaurant.

The two began dating in 2012 but struggled with maintaining the relationship when Cierra relocated to Ohio. Cierra says that throughout this time, they stayed in touch; “we would both go our separate ways, but ensuring we saw one another any chance we were in the same place or had some free time to make a trip to visit each other.” This went on for quite some time , until they realized even distance could not keep them apart. Cierra made the decision she was going to move back to New Jersey with Nic so they could finally start their lives together.


Their engagement happened on April 28th, on a sunny, Saturday afternoon in Philadelphia. That day, they headed to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and when we got to the top of the museum hill, they were approached by a young man who kindly asked if he could take a few photos of us overlooking the water for a school project. At the time, Cierra thought nothing of it since he only had his cell-phone. After asking everyone around them to step back for the photo, he told us to gaze out into the water and would then snap our picture. Cierra recounted the next few moments. “The next thing I knew, Nic tapped me and got down on one knee! Nic is always making me laugh, so I thought he was trying to be funny for the photographer’s school project so I said ‘What are you doing? Get up!’ He replied ‘No, I’m serious, Cierra. I love you more than anything! Will you marry me?’ and took a box out of his pocket. Once I realized he was not joking, I said ‘YES!! I love you’ accompanied by a lot of ugly crying. When I looked up through the cheering crowd I saw my family walking down the hill carrying flowers and balloons and gifts, I couldn’t stop sobbing! My mother, father, sister, her husband and 2 children all drove 12 hours to surprise me and watch us get engaged. I was overwhelmed with joy at the proposal, but the most special part of the day was celebrating with my family!”

For his proposal, Nic chose a pear shape diamond set in a two tone rose and white gold pave diamond ring with hidden diamond detail on basket. Afterwards, Nic told us that Cierra was so surprised and shocked about both the engagement and the fact that he planned it out so well to have family be there for the moment! Nic then turned around and co-ordinated with Cierra’s family to make the proposal happen in only 3 days. When Nic opened the ring box, Cierra said it was “so perfect I even told him I thought it was fake LOL! It was more beautiful than anything I had tried on or looked at with Nic , and trust me we have looked at a lot of rings off and on the last 6 years! Needless to see I have not been able to stop staring at my PEARFECT custom designed ring!”

Expecting a baby in November, Nic and Cierra are planning a relaxed, beach wedding surrounded by their family and friends in September 2019. While telling us about their story, Cierra said “Nic told me 2 weeks into dating me that he loved me and told my mother he was going to marry me. At the time, I thought he was nuts! 6 years later, having been separated by distance, he fought for us and he was right! Love always wins!