Clear Cut Couples: Randy and Victoria

Randy and Victoria were always in the same vicinity, but never actually talked to each other. They attended the same college formal in January of 2013 and ate at the same restaurant at the same time! They connected the dots about this because they had a mutual friend who ultimately introduced them to each other. At the mentioned events, Victoria had always greeted the mutual friend and Randy noticed her. They always tell people that they met through a mutual friend/party because that is where they started talking to each other!

Their first date was during their freshman year of college. Randy was trying to impress Victoria so he decided to plan a romantic stroll around Downtown San Jose, California and have a stop at Philz Coffee where his mutual friend was performing at an Open Mic. They ended up spending a long time together after the Open Mic simply getting to know each other. Since then, they will have been together for 8 years in March of 2021.

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years! There were many visits to Disneyland!! They moved in together within 2-3 years of dating each other and got their first puppy, Tidus. They adopted another dog, Charlie, after 4 years of dating to give Tidus a brother. They enjoy traveling to Seattle, Portland and New Orleans along with frequent trips to Los Angeles where Victoria has family. The biggest highlight of their relationship is how far they have come together to this present day. Both of them started off as college students with few future expectations - to now being established in their careers and building a foundation for a life together!

Randy was planning to propose around May 2020, however, because of COVID-19, many plans to have friends and family around were uncertain. As the year went by, he decided to plan a small intimate trip with Victoria and their closest friends to Lake Tahoe, where Randy and friends set up a movie projector outside the yard with lights and decor. He created an intimate moment where a video of their relationship was playing along with a narration of his thoughts and feelings about her and their relationship and their future. At the end, he brought her up in front of all her friends along with her family Facetiming in and proposed!

Victoria said, “It was not really a surprise because Randy had dropped many hints and was acting antsy before the trip.” But overall, Victoria was touched by the effort and cried a lot even though she knew what was coming. Victoria really loves the ring! She had suggested Clear Cut to Randy because she liked how informative Olivia is with diamonds. The ring is exactly what she wanted and it was surreal to see her ideal ring being presented in person.

They plan to have their wedding in May of 2022. They will likely have a Traditional Tea Ceremony in the morning and then have a formal ceremony and reception in the evening at a winery. Their inspiration for the wedding will be a vintage garden fairytale theme with nods to Cinderella. Congrats to you two!!