Clear Cut Couples: Sara and Scott

Sara and Scott met at work, he was actually chosen to be her 'buddy' and take her to lunch during her first week and answer questions that she had as a new hire. Turns out, he forgot to take her to lunch so after a couple weeks she walked over to his desk and asked when lunch was. He finally took her to lunch and had a nice time, but they didn't start to date until a few months after that!

Their first date happened on the slopes in Park City! They met there for a ski weekend with some other work friends, and all had a fun night at their rental house. The next day Scott asked Sara to ski with him and maybe technically it was not a date, but after a few runs down the mountain it was clear that they both were interested in spending more time together! The rest is history! They have been dating since mid January 2021!

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years. They moved in together in August of 2021, not too long after they started dating. They lived down in the Financial District in a great apartment where they hosted fun parties with many friends and family. They moved to London together with work in October of 2022 and it has been the adventure of a lifetime. They have been lucky enough to visit places like Zermatt, Madeira, Provence, Croatia, Greece, and hope to continue to travel more in the coming years.

Scott proposed at Sara’s parents house in Dorset, Vermont. They were home from London for about a week and wanted to get engaged in the US so they could see family and friends after. Scott is quite the chef and Sara was out doing errands, she came back and he had set up an amazing lunch on one of the outdoor decks. They had a wine or two and then he popped the question :) they went to an amazing meal at the Equinox hotel after (which will be one of their wedding hotels as they are getting married at Hildene in Manchester). They then drove back to New York and celebrated with family and friends at an impromptu engagement gathering at Hotel Hugo a couple nights later.

Sara said, “The ring was truly everything I have ever wanted. My mom has an emerald cut and I have grown up admiring it. Scott knows me very well and knew I wanted to be apart of helping make the ring, so I was a bit more hands on than most I would assume haha. I cried when I saw it even after knowing what the basic design was and can't stop staring at it! I am so lucky and The Clear Cut made my dream ring come true!”

Sara and Scott will get married at the Hildene estate in Manchester, VT in October of 2024. It will be a Friday wedding so they will do a tailgate style after-wedding party at Sara’s parents house in Dorset, VT (where Scott proposed and a very special place for them)! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!