Clear Cut Couples: Tahmid and Annika

Tahmid and Annika met online through social media. They started talking online and decided to meet up in person one day. They realized they worked very close to each other so they would meet on break, meet after work, and take the train home together too. Messaging everyday turned to calling everyday. They’d try out new restaurants together, get dinner after work, go to cute brunch places on weekends, go on adventures and hikes, go shopping, and surprise each other all the time. Even doing groceries was fun because they have so much fun together in any activity they do. Tahmid and Annika knew right away how strong their love was since the beginning and that they wanted to be together forever. They told each other how they felt within two weeks of meeting each other which their friends were so shocked about! They felt as if they’d been best friends for years after knowing each other only a few days.

One day Tahmid asked Annika to go out on a date and to his surprise, she agreed. They met up after work to head to the restaurant together. He didn't tell her any details either. On the way to the restaurant both of them were too busy talking and missed their stop. They still look back and laugh about it. The date went amazing and time flew by. All the conversations felt so effortless and natural even though they were both nervous the whole time.

They have countless amazing memories together. One of Annika's highlights was meeting Tahmid's friends and family for the first time. She loved everyone and was able to easily get along with them all. They made her feel so loved.One of Tahmid’s favorite things to do is make fun of Annika because she’ll butcher words sometimes and they sound funny to him. He always remembers them and will mimic her and make jokes out of it. Another fun memory they both cherish is when he took her to a concert to see Dermot Kennedy. He had told her he loved his music when he met her and would send her songs and lyrics that reminded him of her, shortly after Annika also liked his music. Then Tahmid surprised her with VIP tickets one Winter where they met him backstage and were front row. It was also Annika’s first concert and they both sang their hearts out. Tahmid loves to watch Marvel movies the first showtime they play, and he made it a tradition where he always gets two tickets for himself and Annika every time a new movie gets released. Not only that, he notes down his favorite cartoons , movies, and animes to watch with her. Annika remembers a special surprise when she got a new job offer and that weekend Tahmid secretly came over to her house and had planned to surprise her by letting her brother and dad know. Annika sleeps in every weekend and had no idea Tahmid brought breakfast, dessert, blew balloons for her living room, and made a cute setup all while she was still waking up and clueless. She was so shocked and it was the sweetest gesture ever. She loves all of Tahmid’s amazing surprises and he always keeps her on her toes. Not only does he plan cute adventures, but also plans fun dates, will get pretty outfits for her just because, get her random gifts without an occasion, etc.

They had a sweet and thoughtful weekend leading up to the proposal. One day that weekend Tahmid planned a day in the city for her and told her to be free, disclosing nothing else. He took Annika to every first place they went to, like their first date, the park they waited for each other at after work, first fair, etc. It brought back all the memories of when they first met and was so nostalgic. Annika also had no idea that Tahmid had people follow them both all day and take secret pictures of them at every location they visited. It was one of the sweetest days and was the best walk down memory lane. The next day Tahmid printed out those secret pictures and used them to decorate where he was going to propose the next day. He also got her a white dress and told her to wear it on the proposal day and meet him at Central Park for a picnic and fancy dinner after. To her surprise, there was no picnic when she arrived. Instead, Tahmid was there in a matching white suit, and shortly got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. After Annika arrived to the park, she saw Tahmid in all white and was wondering why he looks so fancy, and if it was for the so called dinner that day. She didn't think anything of it because she thought it's probably an upscale restaurant, but the white was throwing her off. They walked up this hill in the park and she saw rose petals on the ground and then asked Tahmid why these are here or if they got lost. Tahmid told her to look straight ahead and she saw multiple pictures of them from that day on 2 tall pillars and rose petals everywhere along with the Will You Marry Me letters which were huge. At that moment she got happy tears and so did Tahmid and he took her in the gazebo and popped the question.

Annika claims she knew but you can tell from her reaction that she had no idea. She loved the ring and her jaw dropped when she saw it. It was a beautiful and emotional moment. She would say in the past she doesn’t understand why people cry during a proposal. But as soon as she saw rose petals on the ground, pictures everywhere, she started crying happy tears and was shocked in a good way when she saw the ring. Her hand was shaking when Tahmid held it and as he put it on. She still takes pictures of it everyday in every setting and adores her dream ring.

They plan to get married in the Fall in New Rochelle. They're enjoying all the little pieces of wedding planning, such as trying on outfits, choosing flowers for decor, touring beautiful venues, and envisioning their wedding day with family and friends that they love. They thought the Fall would have nice weather and would be a perfect time.

Photo and video: @tatiana_caiced @vlad_leto_nyc