Clear Cut Couples: Travis and Tiffany

Travis and Tiffany met on Bumble AND Hinge! The elusive and ever dangerous double match! Tiffany said that she liked margaritas and Travis had heard about this new restaurant in east Austin that he thought was tex-Mex food. Turns out it was Korean. Thankfully, the food was great and they had a great time despite the lack of margaritas. They have been together for over 18 months since then!

They have shared so many incredible memories over the months! Some of their highlights include their love of travel, but during the pandemic they found other ways to have a great time. Like paddle boarding through Horseshoe Bend, hiking in Arizona, and battling it out on the tennis courts! A big highlight was their most recent trip to Peru where they hiked the Salkantay trail for 7 days to Machu Picchu.

Travis met Tiffany’s best friend from NYC via zoom a couple times. But never in person until they did a group trip to Peru. After getting her blessing (and approval!) to ask Tiffany to marry him, he decided to pick the most beautiful spot that they visited in Peru to propose. On their 2nd day, they were overlooking Humantay Lake and the moment was too good to pass up!! He got down on one knee with the most stunning view!

Tiffany was SO surprised - you can see her reaction here!

They hope to get married in Sedona next year - we are SO happy for you!



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