How to build a clean skincare routine with Christin Powell, Co-Founder + CEO of Kinship Skincare

Welcome to Cozying Up with The Clear Cut where we get up close and personal with women that inspire us. This week we’re cozying up with the wonderful Christen Powell. Christin is currently the Co-Founder + CEO of Kinship Skincare and is the skin chemist behind the products. Kinship is an affordable, clean, cruelty-free, and plant-based skincare line that was launched in 2019 by scientists and industry experts. Their mission is to make effective, clean skincare for the masses primarily focused on the Gen Z market. Listen in to hear her skincare dos and don'ts no matter your age!


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Christin Powell had repetitive skin problems—sensitive, red, and acne-prone. She was keen on solving them. Fascinatingly, Christin started experimenting with ingredients and made her first products in the kitchen sink.


Before she began entrepreneurship, she had long worked in the skin care industry, learning the science of formulation and becoming a chemist by necessity. Christin and her co-founder Alison Haljun started her journey with Kinship Skincare together in an attempt to find products that can be used on their children. This also established her goal to create an efficient and cost-effective skincare collection targeted to the next generation.


One of her goals is to educate some of her younger audiences and teach them what a good skincare routine is. Christin Powell notes that Gen Z now not only focuses on the efficiency of the products. Their concerns are more multi-faceted, including social equity, transparency of ingredients, and sustainability.


Her launch directly post-COVID created some limitations to her business, but she soon found the balance between D-T-C (direct to consumer) and retailing for business. They also created colorful packaging to uplift their customers during the unknown COVID at the time. She also offered 3 very useful tips for young women who want to start their entrepreneurship. Learn what they are from our episode!


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