How to avoid common wedding mistakes with Caroline Crawford

Welcome to Cozying Up with The Clear Cut where we get up close and personal with women that inspire us! Today we're cozying up with Caroline Crawford. Caroline grew famous on social media for her fashion expertise and wedding design aesthetic.  We chat all things wedding planning, TikTok, and common mistakes people make when planning the big day!


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Caroline tells us all about her journey transitioning from investment banking to content creation on TikTok. She told us all about her collection through Amazon’s The Drop for bridal-inspired dresses and accessories!


She admits that she doesn't know what design project is coming for her next. She just knows she is passionate about the entire wedding journey. 


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She encouraged everyone to go wedding dress shopping with only people that they trust and assures that there's no shame on planning your engagement, "everyone does it but no one talks about it."


Last but not least, Caroline gave us some tips on wedding planning and designing your own engagement ring. We wrapped up by playing or favorite game: rating diamond engagement rings! Head over to our TikTok to see the full breakdown.