How to build self-confidence with Serena F*cking Kerrigan

We're kicking off the season with our first live recording session with Serena F*cking Kerrigan, a CEO, entrepreneur, and internet personality who is also known as the Queen of Confidence. Since our last discussion, Serena has continued to inspire so many people to do it for the plot and be their fearless confident selves. We chat all things Let’s Fucking Date, dating, and loving yourself.


Listen to the full episode here:



Serena doesn't care about spending Valentine's day as a single woman. She got intimate with our live audience and recounted stories about her worst and best Valentine's day dates.


When asked about 'situationships,' she encourage our public to know their self-worth and to be in control of themselves. 


We also talked about how grateful she is to be one of the last people on her friend group to be single because she gets to see what is a healthy relationship and what she should strive for.


When asked about if guys were intimidated by her, she confesses that she was very insecure about that. She admits she had to learn not to "tone it down" and that being her authentic self was more powerful. 


It was amazing meeting everyone and chatting with Serena about confidence and how to put yourself first. What are some of your professional and personal goals this year? Let us know!