How to improve your skincare routine with Ava Lee

Welcome to Cozying Up with The Clear Cut where we get up close and personal with women that inspire us. This week we’re sitting down with content creator behind Glow with Ava, Ava Lee. 

Listen here for the full podcast:




Ava attributes her passion for skincare as a result of her Korean heritage and yearly visits. As we can all agree the Korean skincare industry has THE best products on the market. Ava shares how she accidentally became an entrepreneur in the skincare industry. Did you know that she went to college for finance and was an investment banker before she made the switch? Initially, Ava made mini videos regarding her skincare routine for fun and people loved them!


As an influencer and entrepreneur, Ava explains the inspiration behind her career. Ava discusses her sensitive skin and the difficulties of finding new products because of it. Thus, she crafted a list of do's and don’ts for people on their skincare journey. Pro tip: Don’t skip out on sunscreen! Tune in to listen to all of Ava’s tips including how to get Jello skin, do facial yoga, and more.


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