How to Work with your Best Friends with Betches

Let’s cozy up with Jordana Abraham, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Betches, a popular satirical media company. She started Betches with her two best friends in college as a blog as a way to comment on the female experience, from sorority life to navigating friendships, as this voice had not really been represented before. They eventually turned this blog into a business, first working with advertising agencies to advertise on the website, then moving onto monetizing Instagram, and then ultimately branching off into other mediums like podcasts. Jordana talks about what it is like to work with her two college roommates and best friends--they all know each other so well that they have learned how to optimally work together. 

As a digital business, Jordana talks about how they are trying to allow others to optimize their work schedules. Creativity strikes at different times and in different ways for people, and since creativity is the core of Betches, they are trying to allow people to work in spaces that feel more productive for them.

Betches has grown alongside its audience. They have launched Betches Brides, Betches Moms, among other verticals that voice the perspective of millennials. They are committed to continually growing in the digital age by giving their creators the freedom to do what they think is best and producing original content. Jordana’s favorite content includes Bravo by Betches, and she discloses her favorite housewife on the podcast!

Jordana also offers some key tips for content creators, namely to not pay attention to the noise. People often put up highlight reels of their life, but you should try not to compare yourself to others.


Finally, Jordana talks about her proposal and upcoming wedding! After Covid disrupted her fiance’s initial proposal plans in May, he proposed in August 2020 on the beach. Her wedding will be in November in Mexico! 

Check out Betches and their Instagram @betches!


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