How to get glowing skin with Rachel Liverman, founder of Glowbar

Welcome to Cozying Up with The Clear Cut, this week, we're cozying up with Rachel Liverman, founder of Glowbar. Rachel Liverman is a third-generation skin expert, dog mom, and the CEO and founder of Glowbar, NYC's highly sought-after skincare bar and home of the 30-minute custom facial #praise. We discussed all things facials, entrepreneurship, and how to get wedding-ready glowy skin.


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Despite growing up with a beauty legacy from her family, Rachel Liverman obliviously disregarded her own skincare. Understanding how facials can be time-consuming, she dedicates herself to finding an express solution for those like her— a highly effective and efficient 30 minutes facial. She believes her career is meant to be, and everything naturally falls into place. She admits that the pandemic had been harsh on her business. However, she overcame and came back with better strength and power.

What are her dos and don’ts in skincare? One of her biggest don’t is don’t pick your own skin! Leave it to the professionals at The Glow Bar! She also shares her own skincare routine that emphasizes simplicity, which we can all get some inspiration from.


Her recent proposal was also simple yet classic. It’s different from others’ grandeur proposals, but she appreciates how it went as it was exactly what she wanted.


Most importantly, she wants to create a safe space for questions regarding starting a career in beauty and skincare. Don’t hesitate to reach out to her!