Top 5 Celebrity Engagement Rings of the Moment

Almost everyone looks to celebrities for new styles and trends. In the jewelry world, when we hear one of our favorite celebrities is engaged, we can’t wait to see the ring. Over time many rings have inspired many trends, from the asscher cut diamond Richard Burton gave to Elizabeth Taylor, to the yellow diamond Seal gave Heidi Klum, celebrity engagements inspire our own jewelry wardrobe.

With every new celebrity engagement comes a new in-demand ring. Here is a list of the top 5 celebrity engagement rings everyone wants right now…

Kim Kardashian

Since Kanye presented Kim with her massive cushion cut diamond, girls have been going crazy for the big rock on a thin band look. Kim K’s ring is a cushion cut diamond set with a super thin micro pave diamond band. The prongs on her ring are set North, South , East, West (which gives that “floating” look). I honestly would not recommend having your prongs this way because it leaves the corners of your diamond vulnerable to chips. If you are going for Kim’s look, ask for a micro pave shank (band) less than 1.8mm thick and delicate claw prongs on your diamond.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively’s engagement ring might be one of the most requested looks of the moment. She has not only sparked a huge comeback for the oval diamond, but also for rose gold. Blake’s ring is an oval cut diamond set in a thin 3 sided rose gold pave band. Her ring is a great option for girls that love a classic look, but want a bit of an edgy twist.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is classic, elegant, and also a little different. Her oval sapphire is set within a frame of round brilliant diamonds. Kate’s ring is most popular amongst those woman that want an alternative to a traditional diamond ring, but still want a timeless look.



Beyoncé’s ring is loved by those who aren’t afraid of a little bling. Her ring is a massive emerald cut diamond set in a super thin split shank micro pave ring. Her ring is delicate and feminine while still bringing a whole lot of sparkle.

Mariah Carey

Mariah’s newest engagement ring is one of the most classic celebrity looks. She has an emerald cut diamond set in between two matching tapered baguettes. This is a super timeless and elegant look which is a great alternative to a solitaire.

I can't tell you how many of my clients come to me wanting to emulate a celebrity's engagement ring. Celebrities are some of the biggest trendsetters out there when it comes to engagement rings. Whether we are using a celebrity's ring as inspiration or taking our favorite elements to create our own unique ring, what you see in the magazines has most likely inspired most rings you see on your friends' fingers.

Here’s to finding your celebrity inspiration!