Hi, we’re The Clear Cut

We empower a new generation of consumers to create their perfect hand-crafted diamond engagement rings. We leverage our relationships with the largest wholesalers & cutters to curate a personalized selection of the highest quality diamonds at the fairest prices. It is time to make buying an engagement ring an exciting, romantic and stress-free experience again!

Olivia Landau

Hi! I’m Olivia Landau, Founder & CEO of The Clear Cut. I am a diamond expert, GIA Graduate Gemologist and 4th generation jeweler with experience at Tiffany & Co and in the diamond wholesale industry. While working in wholesale, my friends began to ask for my advice about purchasing engagement rings. They inspired me to start an educational blog as a resource for them. Quickly, I became overwhelmed with requests for bespoke diamond engagement rings. Together with my husband, Kyle (we met at GIA), we started The Clear Cut.

Kyle Simon

I’m Kyle, Co-Founder & COO of The Clear Cut. I’m a Columbia Business School and GIA diamonds graduate. In 2013, I started a diamond mining company in Sierra Leone, founded on the principles of sustainable development and fair trade. While in Business School, I kept referring my classmates to Olivia for their engagement rings. It quickly grew from there and became obvious that Olivia and my different industry perspectives made us the perfect team to disrupt the diamond industry.

Want to join our team? Email: olivia@theclearcut.co.