2023 Diamond Engagement Ring Trends Prediction

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! Let's talk trends! We're breaking down some of our 2023 engagement ring trend predictions!


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2023 is all about having a timeless ring, but with a unique twist. Some styles that I think are going to be huge trends for 2023 are going to be twists on the classics.


Setting Styles

Our Super Skinny Solitaire (the dainty thin band with the diamond floating on top) has been on trend for quite a while. However, in 2023 we're going to see unique takes on this classic solitaire. For instance, we're going to see a lot more bezel set rings.



A bezel setting is when you have a metal frame around the center diamond and it gives it a really modern, sleek, elegant look. And it's just a bit of a different look. For those who hate prongs, this is going to be a great style for you.



Other styles that are going to be unique twists on that classic look are going to be Twisted Super Skinny bands and styles with accent diamonds. For those who love a Pave diamond band, we're seeing bands with larger diamonds.






As for shapes, Ovals have been on trend for quite a while and I think they have surpassed the trend phase and are considered a new classic. The shapes that are going to be really on trend for 2023 are going to be antique cuts. So think Old Europeans, Old Mine cuts. These are shapes that have stood the test of time but are still unique and one-of-a-kind, so no one's going to have the same diamond as you.





Other cuts that are going to be huge for 2023 are going to be pear shapes and emerald cuts. We've seen Toi et Moi's be on trend for a few years. I personally love this style and love this trend, but in 2023 we're going to see more diamonds paired with colored stones like sapphires, rubies, and emeralds.




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