Our 2022 Trends Recap

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! Let's talk trends! We're breaking down some of our favorite 2022 engagement ring trends we saw.


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Some of our most popular shapes were definitely going to be the ovals. Ovals have been trending for the past couple years and stayed strong this past year.


1.20ct oval engagement ring 

Another shape that has really been giving the oval a run for its money is going to be the elongated cushion cut. I think many people that saw tons of opals over the past year and still wanted that really rounded elongated silhouette but with something a little different.  


Elongated Cushion Cuts 

The old European cut is this is the antique round brilliant cut. One thing people love about this shape is that each one is unique, it has those chunky charming facet but has a timeless silhouette


Old Euro



Wedding Bands 

This was the year of the weddings and that came along with big diamond eternity bands. Our most popular wedding bands were classic looks with a bit of a unique twist.


Penelope Ring


Defined Oval

Defined Oval Band


Emma Band



Tennis Collection

Other popular styles were our tennis bracelet and tennis necklaces.


Tennis Bracelet Tennis Necklace


This winter we introduced our Chelsea Chain Tennis Bracelet, which has our curb chain mixed with our tennis bracelet for a twist on a classic. 


Chelsea Chain Tennis Bracelet



Statement Rings

Statement rings were also huge for us. Our Toi et moi, Olivia ring and our chevron ring were very popular this past year.


Toi et Moi

 Toi et Moi

The Olivia Ring

 Olivia Ring



 Chevron Band



In terms of earrings, hoops were number one. Big gold hoops, inside out diamond hoops and our super skinny pave hoops were very popular! They can be worn during any occasion.


Thick Gold Hoops

Thick Gold Hoops 


Inside Out Hoop

Inside Out Diamond Hoops 



Pave hoops

Super Skinny Pave Hoops 



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