2023 Wedding Trends

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! Let's talk trends! We're breaking down some of our 2023 wedding trend predictions! From bold color schemes to bridal jewelry looks we've got you covered.


Watch the full video below:



Some themes we're predicting for 2023 are big bold colors! Traditionally, weddings have a lot of pale pinks and ivory, however, in this coming year we're seeing a trend towards big bold unexpected colors and color combinations like bright orange, magentas, fuchsias, bright blue, purple, etc. 




Another trend we're going to see are more unique seating arrangements. Instead of having the traditional seating arrangement around round or rectangular tables, we're going to see a lot more rounded, circular seated arrangements. This type of seating arrangement gives a more cozy feel. 




Flower arrangements are also changing! Instead of having big flower arrangements on tables, we're going to see smaller flowers, leaves, and candles on tables. 




Dual-themed weddings are also going to be big in the coming year! Instead of just having a rustic farmhouse wedding, we're predicting church-disco themes, farmhouse-surrealist, etc.  



In terms of jewelry, we're going to see a lot of thick wedding bands. A lot of band styles that were traditionally for men are now going to be chosen by women. View all of our wedding bands here!


 Burnished Diamond Band


Layering is going to be huge for brides in the coming year. Especially layering necklaces and mixing gold-heavy pieces with diamond tennis necklaces or pendants. Check out our necklaces here!


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