Tips For Designing a Dainty Engagement Ring

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! Let's talk all about creating the perfect dainty engagement ring. We're sharing our expert tips on how to get a diamond-focused look from band width to hidden halos!


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The first design detail you'll need to hit if you want to achieve a dainty look for your engagement ring is to select a thin band or shank. We recommend anywhere between 1.5mm - 1.8mm to really get that dainty look. A thin band will make your diamond the star of the show! Anything about 2mm is going to be a heavier look which is beautiful in its own way but won't give you a dainty look.


1.5mm band


The second design element to achieve a dainty look is using claw prongs. The prongs are the metal clasps that keep your diamond safe and secure in place. Opting for a claw prong style is going to give more focus to the center stone and less on the metal structural elements.


Claw Prongs


The third design detail is basket settings! A lot of clients say they don't want the metal wire that holds the prongs in place, however, that basket is going to be the way to achieve a dainty look without compromising the safety of your diamond. If you opt to remove the metal wire, you will find yourself with a heavier metal look. If you want to add a little something to the wire basket, we love a hidden halo. This gives you a little extra sparkle from the profile view without affecting the top-view of the ring. 


No Hidden Halo


Hidden Halo


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