lab-grown Travel Ring

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! This week we're talking all about our new lab-grown Travel Ring. You can also learn more about this new offer here.


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We know how valuable and sentimental your engagement ring is to you—why risk it when you travel? Given the devaluation of lab-grown diamonds over the past few years, we decided to replace our frequently requested cubic zirconia travel rings with lab-grown instead! This way you can invest confidently and travel safely.


Our travel rings will be offered exclusively to Clear Cut clients who have purchased a natural diamond engagement ring at any price. All travel rings will come with a complimentary round brilliant lab-grown starting at set in a standard solitaire ring available in 14k yellow or white gold. 



Clients often ask for replicas of their ring to take on travels or when they don't want to wear their natural diamond engagement ring. Historically, we used cubic zirconia to get a diamond-look, however, due to the devaluation of lab-grown we are now able to offer this alternative free of charge to the client.


The Clear Cut stands by its mission to only provide customers with the highest-quality products using the finest metals and stones. Leveraging lab-grown diamonds as a complement to the purchase of a natural diamond engagement ring allows our clients peace of mind wherever life may take them (and their ring)!


Want to learn more about our travel rings? Visit our lab-grown Travel Ring page here.


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