2024 Engagement Ring Predictions

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom, where we take deep dives into all things diamonds and jewelry! We are RING-ing in the new year with our 2024 predictions on engagement ring styles and trends! What do you think is going to be hot? This is what we predict you should be looking out for in 2024!


Starting off with diamond shapes! We saw oval cut diamonds take the spotlight and become the center of attention in 2023. If you are having a 2024 proposal and want something with a little spice and flair, pear & marquise shapes will be the shape for you! Pear and marquise cut diamonds are the elevated versions of oval cuts. Being a step up from the symmetrical round shape, pear and marquise cuts look large for their carat weight so you can really play around with size. They reflect a gorgeous sparkle and give off amazing finger coverage, looking super flattering and feminine. Read up on everything you need to know about pear shaped diamonds here.



Another diamond silhouette that we think is making an awaited comeback is the princess cut! The princess cut was HOT in the 90’s and early 2000’s and hasn’t had its time to shine since then. We predict 2024 will be the year we see the grand entrance to the sweet princess cut diamond. The princess cut will have her debut in 2024 and we expect to see them everywhere!


Princess Cut & Round Brilliant Toi et Moi Diamond Ring

Princess Cut & Round Brilliant Toi et Moi Diamond Ring 


Sticking around for the new year will definitely be elongated cushion cuts, emerald cuts and old Euro & mine cuts. They’re charming, have timeless appeal and look great either as a solitaire or with other side stone settings. 


Cushion Cut Diamond

2.18ct Cushion Cut Diamond



Speaking of settings for your stones, we loved the resurgence of three stone settings on e-rings this year. In 2024, expect a twist! With three stone rings this year, we are predicting some unique styles like marquise center stones with epaulets or a princess cut diamond with trapezoid side stones. With our prediction for pear shapes, we think a pear cut with pear side stones will be super classy and popular. It’s time to get creative in 2024 and show off some personality with your ring! Side stones are an amazing touch to make your ring extra precious to you. 



Bezel settings and our Ahead of the Curve ring were super trendy twists on solitaires in 2023 and we think they will be sticking around in ‘24. Expect to see more unique settings, like offset diamonds. Stand out from the crowd and get playful with it in 2024!

Old European Cut Diamond on our Ahead of the Curve Band

Old European Cut Diamond on our Ahead of the Curve Band 



Move over yellow gold, platinum is here! If you are looking for something young & fresh in 2024, platinum is the revival you were looking for. With prices of gold getting higher, platinum is the new gold, being a great quality metal perfect for everyday wear. Platinum is our new best friend for bridal jewelry, read more about it here!



What do you think about these predictions? What are you looking forward to in 2024 for bridal?

Class is dismissed!