2023 Wrapped

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom, where we take deep dives into all things diamonds and jewelry! Here is our 2023 Wrapped, all of the loved trends and popular picks with diamond engagement rings this year. 



Starting off with the top diamond shapes of the year, the cuts that made it to the top 3 were emerald cuts, old European cuts and elongated cushion cuts. These three styles made up 50% of our e-ring sales. How did that even happen?! And 25% of our e-ring sales alone were cushion cuts. That shows how much you all loved these styles. Each unique in their own way, we adore the elegance of an emerald cut, the timeless charm of a European cut and the sparkle of a cushion cut, congratulations to these diamonds!




Our clients loved setting diamonds in unique and never-before-seen styles and one style in particular that skyrocketed was bezel settings. A bezel set diamond brings a modern twist on a classic solitaire. Not only in e-rings but other jewelry as well like our tennis necklaces! Bezel set stones add the perfect highlighted edge to the stone and adds flair, 2023 couldn’t get enough of it. 


 Bezel Set Emerald Diamond

Bezel Set Emerald Cut Diamond


Another successful feature this year was our Ahead of the Curve ring. Our clients wanted a new twist with plain bands and this ring was a showstopper. The Ahead of the Curve ring added more appeal to a solitaire diamond and hugs almost all stones perfectly. See you in 2024!


Old euro diamond

Old European cut on our Ahead of the Curve band


A very popular style that has made a comeback is the demand for 3 stone rings. A popular style specifically that stole our hearts would be a central emerald cut diamond with trapezoid side stones. This added tons of va-va-voom and brought so much life to engagement rings, so many other side stones were popular. 


Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion Cut Diamond with Pear Shape Side Stones


Tapered baguettes, half moons and trapezoid shapes were all top picks for side stones this year. They add to the silhouette of the center stone and fit to flatter the diamond and finger. We loved that three-stone rings came back and they are here to stay!


3.00ct Cushion Modified Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring with Step Cut Trapezoid Side Stones (1)

Cushion Modified Brilliant Diamond with Trapezoid Side Stones  


That was our 2023 wrapped, full of loved engagement ring styles. We can’t wait to see what you will love this new year! What was your favorite from 2023? Class is dismissed!