4 C's for Emerald and Asscher Cuts

Welcome to the Clear Cut Classroom, where we take deep dives into all things diamonds and jewelry! Today, we are sharing all the details on clarity, color, cut and carat you need to know about Emerald and Asscher cut diamonds! 




The first C on our list is Clarity. When we say clarity, we refer to all the inclusions (or small imperfections) that appear in the diamond when it is being formed naturally. With Emerald and Asscher cut diamonds, they feature step-cut faceting. This creates a "hall of mirrors" effect with really clean, step cut lines unlike brilliant cut diamonds that create disguised dimensions of sparkle. With these step cut diamonds, it is important to go higher in clarity because inclusions are more visible. Being VS1 and higher on the clarity scale is best with step cut diamonds so no inclusions can be seen. 


Emerald Cut Diamond with Tapered Baguettes

Emerald Cut Diamond with Tapered Baguettes


With the next C, we have Color. This can be compromised a little more than other C's because of the way step cut diamonds reflect light. Color means the undertones in a diamond. The color scale starts at D, being colorless, up to the end of the alphabet at Z, having the most warmth to the diamond. With these diamonds you can compromise by being up to an L or K on the color scale without having much warmth shine through. 


Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire

Emerald Cut Diamond, K color grade 


The next C is Cut. There is a main difference between the two. They look very similar when looking at the face on, being square with cut corners and step-cut facets, but an Emerald cut has a key feature, a keel line. It is the top, narrow facet of the diamond that forms in a line. Emerald cuts typically stay in a length to width ratio between 1.3 - 1.4 but can vary above or below that creating more rectangular or square-like shape. If the top comes to form as a point and not a line, then it is an Asscher cut! Asscher cuts are perfectly square. 


Asscher Cut Diamond Solitaire

Asscher Cut Diamond  


And our final C is Carat. Because of their step-cut style, they tend to not show much enhancement in their carat weight. If you are trying to make your diamond appear larger than what it is, opt for a round brilliant or pear shape instead. Emerald and Asscher cuts stay very true to size compared to their carat weight!


4.0ct Emerald Cut Diamond

4.00ct Emerald Cut Diamond with Trapezoid Side Stones 


Those are the important 4 C's to know before buying an Emerald or Asscher cut diamond! Step cut diamonds show off timeless elegance and sit beautifully on any engagement ring. 


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