What Earrings You Should Invest In

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds and jewelry! This week we are talking about finding the perfect pair of investment earrings. 



 A well-worth pair of quality earrings are a great investment to put your money towards. Either receiving them as an anniversary, birthday or congratulations gift or gifting them to yourself just because, quality is the one factor that always takes the spotlight when it comes to the perfect set. 


When purchasing a set of gold or diamond earrings, acknowledging the price is important but what really matters is your cost-per-wear. Meaning, the cost of your earrings will balance the number of times you wear them. A lasting pair of beautiful earrings that you can always wear will be a great staple to have. 


When making a smart jewelry decision, it is important to consider earrings that are timeless in style so you can wear them everyday, all the time. Real gold and diamonds can withstand tarnish so they keep their vibrance and cleanliness, also great for skin-sensitive wearers (which usually is not the case with cheaper jewelry). 


Gold hoops are a classic. We have a variety of sizes based on your preferences, from dainty huggies to the staple fit hoop. 



Thick Gold Huggies



Thick Gold Hoops 


Whatever you have your eyes on, gold hoops are great for every season and bring an elevated look to any outfit. 


Elegant and natural diamond studs are another great earring to have on hand. They are wearable and versatile, bringing the perfect sparkle to any look. For anyone with multiple piercings, these are great layering pieces to incorporate with your stack. 


Diamond studs are precious and can hold high sentimental value . If you ever find yourself looking for a new pair down the line, your diamond studs can be passed down to a loved one or repurposed into a pendant! To get a pair you love, we offer a selection in various sizes and weights. 


For a more eye-catching pair to heighten your everyday wear, try out a pair of diamond hoops. Diamond hoops add the right touch of sparkle, are the perfect mix between the two other styles mentioned and we have a variety of styles to choose from. 




Inside Out Diamond Hoops




Super Skinny Pave Diamond Hoops


Our inside-out diamond hoops bring shine from all sides of the earring, or we have a super-skinny pave diamond hoop for a more subtle, sparkly statement. 


Whatever your next investment pair may be, The Clear Cut offers plenty of sizes and styles between the highest quality of natural diamonds and gold. Add any of these timeless pieces to your collection or find the perfect gift to adorn someone you love.