5 Things I Would Never Do As a Jeweler

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Today we’re discussing 5 things I would never do as a jeweler!


First and foremost, I would never exercise or lift weights with my engagement ring on. All engagement rings are made with fine metals whether it’s 14k, 18k gold or platinum. None of these metals are invincible and are valuable. Even if you’re simply moving furniture or doing push-ups, please refrain from wearing your ring as it puts pressure on it.


Secondly, I would never purchase a diamond that’s not GIA-certified. GIA is the Gemological Institute of America and is the industry’s leader in diamond grading with the strictest standards. There are other labs that do diamond certifications, however, they are not the diamond industry’s accepted standard.


Thirdly, I would never try on diamond before establishing a budget! It’s a slippery slope when it comes to diamonds. It may become increasingly difficult to decide on a diamond ring once you’ve fallen in love with a diamond ring that is way out of your budget. Thus, always set your budget first and then look for diamond rings within that budget.


Fourth, I would never buy a color or clarity enhanced diamond. There are certain treatments that can be done to a diamond to make the color whiter or to mask some of the inclusions. However, we don’t recommend these procedures as it may lead to the stone becoming unstable. As a result, the stone will be devalued and will not retain its market price.


Fifth, I would never buy a lab grown diamond. We think of lab growns as being the fast fashion version of diamonds. At The Clear Cut, we create timeless investment pieces for our clients. Lab grown diamonds don't hold their value over time, increase carbon emissions, have no second-hand market, and takes away profits from local diamond mining communities. 

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