Diamond Shapes 101

Welcome to the Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds and jewelry!

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Today’s classroom is an introduction to all diamond shapes. If you are in the initial stages of deciding which shape to go with, refer to our guide below!


Round Brilliants are the most classic, timeless diamond engagement ring. It’s circular in silhouette and is cut to specific standardizations to optimize for brilliance and sparkle.


Emerald Cut is another classic, elegant, and understated choice for e-rings. Emeralds are known for being rectangular in silhouette and for their cut corners on the side. They have long step-cut facets which gives them a hall of mirrors look.



Asscher Cuts have square cut corners with an art deco aesthetic. Similar to Emeralds with their step-cut facets, however, Asscher cuts are square in silhouette. Asscher cuts come to a point whereas Emeralds will come to a line in the center.



Cushion Cuts are known for being square with rounded corners, similar to a pillow. Cushion Cuts can vary in how elongated they are. Cushion cuts can also have a crushed ice look (very sparkly) and non-crushed ice look. 



Antique Cushion Cut or Old Mines are super rare, charming and have the presence of a culet creating a darkish circle. These are hand cut, hence, they are less standardized and have chunkier facets.



Another antique cut is the Old European Cut as they both have similar chunky facets. Similar to Old Mines, however, this is the antique version of what evolved into the round brilliant cut.


Radiant Cuts are a hybrid of cushion cuts and emerald cuts. Rectangular geometric silhouette with cut corners. It has more of a brilliant faceting pattern similar to the cushion cut so you can get the geometric silhouette with more sparkle.


Pear-shaped Cut resembles a tear drop! They are perfect for showing carat weight and are finger flattering.


Oval Cut is the most popular and trendy cut that’s super feminine. This cut is elongated in its silhouette and can be chubby or thin.


The Princess Cut is perfectly square in silhouette and has pointed corners.


The Marquise Cut is elongated with the two pointed ends. This cut shows its carat weight really well. The most classic setting is in the North-south one.



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